Welcome to Mansour Rugs

Thank you for visiting Mansour Rugs website. This website has been a labor of love, set up and managed by Mansour's friends who have given their time pro bono to help others see this beautiful collection of over 600 oriental and Persian rugs. 

As some may know, Mansour was diagnosed with GBM in 2015. Sadly, after battling this terrible disease for over 2.5 years, Mansour finally succumbed to it and peacefully passed away on December 14, 2017. 

Mansour had been the sole bread winner of his household, and due to his illness, had not been able to work for some time. With the financial duress that the family is under, Mansour's wife and two young daughters have decided to offer his collection at or below cost. Their hope is that the rugs bring beauty and joy to the homes and offices of those who cherish hand woven rugs, and for them to be reminders of Mansour's unparalleled generosity and magnetic personality.

We have recently added search and sort functions to the website to help you navigate it more easily. However, if you prefer, feel free to reach out by email so we may assist you with your selection, and make arrangements to ship or deliver the rugs to you. 

Please note that all prices are in US Dollars - currently almost at par with Swiss Francs. In addition, actual colors of the rugs might be slightly different from the images seen on the website due to lighting. We made every effort possible to list the exact dimensions but under the circumstances, there might be some variations, especially if the dimensions indicated are preceded by ca.

Thank you.

Mansour's friends

Reserving your rugs

Reserve your rugs from Mansour Rugs website without upfront payment, nor entering your credit cartd information. Please use the shopping cart and when you have completed your selection "Go to Checkout/Payment" and enter your details and choose "Reserve/Collect". We will then contact you to organize collection or delivery as required.